Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's natural for parents to wish that their children can somehow sail through childhood without any disappointments, ever. But we know that kind of voyage is both impossible and also not very good preparation for knowing how to handle the disappointments that will definitely come their way as they become adults. Instead of hoping that there won't be any bumps in the road, parents need to accept the inevitable and develop their own strategies for training their children to deal with the many difficulties that life has in store. For those who take this reasoned approach, some of this parenting advice for teaching children about disappointment should come in handy .
  1. Children need to learn to be able to distinguish between serious disappointments and trivial ones.
  2. Share your small disappointments
  3. Acknowledge your kids disappointments and help them cope.
  4. Congratulate children when they handle disappointments reasonably.
  5. Allow children time and space to deal with disappointment.
Unfulfilled expectations and disappointment can cause children to become depressed. Here is how to identify signs of depression
  1. Reclusiveness or withdrawing from reality. God said it is not good for man to be alone. People need other people to stay connected to reality.
  2. A passive mind. Having an “I don’t care” attitude. Things that once mattered to them do not matter any more such as their personal upkeep and taking care of their surroundings.
  3. Magnifying difficulties. Turning small matters into huge problems.
  4. Lack of concentration. Their mind starts wandering from one subject to the next and they are unable to remain focused on anything. Parenting Advice for Teaching Children About Disappointment
How does one get rid of depression?
  1. Think different thoughts.
  2. Face the issue.
  3. Take action to break the depression by renewing your mind.
  4. Speak to your mountains and tell depression to leave!
  5. Let your spirit govern your mind. Speak to your mind and command your soul to be brought under subjection to the Word. The Word is an enemy to depression (Psalm 40:1-5). Winning Over Depression

Scripture References: •Galatians 3:13, AMP•Genesis 3:1-6•1 Peter 5:7, AMP•Psalms 40:1-5


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