Monday, March 15, 2010

It is sometimes so hard to let go of issues or insecurities or situations because of fear. My oldest will be graduating from High School in the next 2 years and heading to college. The closer we get to that time the more concerns I have. Have I equipped her with all the necessary tools needed to go out into this world and survive? Not just get by. Removing her from certain elements have I crippled her judgment? Have I sheltered her to the point that I have ripped away her survival instincts? Moving from the inner city to suburbia? Was this the best thing? I have spoken to some of my church family and everyone says the same. You give her armour (the bible) and she's good along with what you have taught her and shared with her. But is she really? Will she be able to handle the cunning and slick ways of the world. Let go and let God is what I hear. But how do you do that when its your baby and as a mother your basic instinct is to protect at all cost. Or am I just not ready to let go? The bible says Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
How can I say I trust Him but question how He has brought us even to this point. I believe that once again my faith is being tested. She is not mine and never was. She just like I belongs to Him and He has never failed me yet. So I prepare for one of the greatest tests of a lifetime. I am proud and honored that he choose me for such a great task and pray that I have honored Him and above all He is proud of me thus far. I breathe in and breathe out and release and let go and let God.


"Empowering" Robin said...

Hello Rhonda. A refreshing post indeed. My children are grown now and yet I remember my feelings and concerns as they entered school from preschool through college. I commend you for your passion for God. I'm sure it can be challenging as a single mom and yet you've found the key and that is partnership with Father God. Consider joining me at Blessings on your new blog.

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